Naughty Nurse Eva gets Physical with Little Mikey’s Tiny WeeWee


Naughty Nurse Eva loves to toy with Mikey’s tiny penis

Last week, little Mikey came in for his yearly, physical exam.  Doctor Smith was busy with another patient, so I asked little Mikey if he wanted to get ready for his exam in one of the empty rooms.  Little Mikey is one of my favorite patients, because I love to poke fun at his tiny, little peepee.  It’s the tiniest little penis I’ve ever seen…and as a nurse, I see plenty of dicks!

“Mikey, could you please follow me?”  I asked, batting my eyelashes seductively at him.  I was about to have some fun with my favorite little patient, before the Doctor had a chance to see him.  Mikey put down his magazine, and followed me into the empty room like a lovesick puppy.  I could feel him looking at my long, lean legs, and sexy curves. 

“I want you to strip for me Mikey, and I’ll be back in a few minutes.”  I winked at him, and his face turned a bright shade of red. 

“Yes Nurse Eva,”  Mikey said shyly.  I left the door open to the examination room, so that others walking by could peek inside and see how tiny his weewee was.  I stood in the doorway and watched him unbutton his shirt.  Then, I watched as he unzipped his jeans and pulled down his undies.  I stifled a giggle, and Mikey looked up at me, with a shameful expression on his face. 

“Haha, I’m sorry Mikey, it’s just that you have the tiniest prick I’ve ever seen!”  I said with a smirk.  “I just can’t help but laugh at it!”  I noticed it start to get stiff.  I giggled again.  “I’ll be right back little Mikey.”  I left the door open to his room, as I brought another patient to an empty exam room.   As I passed the door with a very pretty, young blonde girl, I pointed her into Mikey’s room and said, “Look, there’s little Mikey.  Doesn’t he have the tiniest peepee  you’ve ever seen?” 

“Yes, he does!”  She said, and we both began to laugh.  Mikey’s face turned even redder, but his little dick stood straight up in the air.  “I think he’s excited, Nurse Eva.”  Becky said, and we laughed again. 

“Mikey, are you getting sexually excited, seeing me in my tight, white nurse’s uniform?”  I asked.  “How could you think that such a tiny, little dick could satisfy any girl, let alone me!” 

“Nnn-nooo Nurse Eva, I didn’t think….”  Mikey said nervously, but his tiny cock was growing stiffer by the moment.   He covered it behind his hands, looking terribly embarrassed. 

“You just want to touch that tiny little cock of yours, don’t you Mikey?”  I said, as Becky watched.  “You are just a naughty little boy, aren’t you Mikey?” 

“Yyy…yes, Nurse Eva…”  Mikey said, and hand began massaging his tiny, hard penis. 

“Haha, look at him, he’s touching it!”  Becky said, and we both began laughing.  “Stroke it, you little masturbator!” 

Mikey’s hand pulled and rubbed his tiny little penis, and his face was redder than it had ever been before.  While we were in the back, more patients had begun to fill up the waiting room.  “Why don’t we show everyone how turned on little Mikey is right now!”  I said, and walked into his room.  I grabbed him by his bare arm, and marched him out, into the full waiting area.  Everyone stopped and watched.  “Show everyone how badly you want to fuck me, little Mikey!”  I shouted. 

Suddenly, everyone began to roar with laughter, and Mikey began furiously pumping his tiny cock.  “Ahhh….Nurse Eva…..”  He moaned as his orgasm approached. 

“Everyone, look at little Mikey…I think he wants to cumm!”  I said, and everyone laughed even harder.  “You have to cumm in a cup for me, little Mikey!”  I reached behind the desk, and grabbed a specimen cup and held it in front of Mikey’s tiny dick….

Suddenly, his face contorted, and his back arched, and his tiny, wee prick squirted a giant wad of creammy cumm into the specimen cup.  When he was finished, the doctor came out from the back, and said, “Nurse Eva, who’s next on the list?”

“That would be little Mikey, he has a sample from his tiny dick for you too, Doctor!”  I said, laughing harder than before. 

Mikey got a gold star from the doctor, and one from his wicked nurse Eva, for being such a fun, LITTLE patient!  Teehee!

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One thought on “Naughty Nurse Eva gets Physical with Little Mikey’s Tiny WeeWee

  1. Oh, Nurse Eva!!! I just signed on to your blog and saw you put the story in already! It was SO exciting to read, and to know that everyone else who reads it may be laughing at my tiny weewee! When I got to the part about how pretty Becky sees me touching it, I had to rub myself. And when I got tho the part where you drag me stark naked out into the crowded waiting room where everyone laughs at me stroking it and calling your name… I had to… well, you know… (blush) Thank you for writing my story, Miss Eva! I can’t wait to speak with you again!
    Little Mikey 🙂

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