Gregory Fine of Apple Valley California: Gay Man with No Pride


Dear Gregory Fine,

My heart is broken.  I bought the shoes, I even picked out the dress I was going to wear to yours and Jason’s wedding.   You said you had a lovely gown, and were going to be the epitome of a Blushing Bride. From what you told me, it was going to be a grand affair.  You wanted me to call you Brianna.  Such a pretty name for such a naughty person. 

Jason was the perfect dream man, sexy, loving and knew how to make love to you…the way your wife never could.  Oh how you dazzled me with stories about his magnificent cock, and how he made you feel so feminine and girlie.  Your penis is so small; it fit so nicely in your sexy panties.  What was it, three…four inches Gregory?  You preferred to have me call it a clitti.  Your bum was really a tight, virgin pussy, waiting and ready for Jason’s hard, throbbing cock.  None of that matters anymore.   

You promised to fly me down to Apple Valley and set me up in a nice hotel, because I was so caring and supportive in your journey to finding that special man in your life.  My heart is broken.  Paradise Road will never be the same without you, Gregory. 

You charged back every single call that we had together, which cost me and my company heavy penalties with the bank.  I had to forfeit the earnings from our calls, which put me in financial dire straits.  Fraud is never a good thing to perpetrate on anyone, Mr. Not So Fine.  We have all the evidence we need to prove that you were the one who called me.  All of this is being reviewed by real men in suits…men who don’t behave like naughty little cocksucking bitches. 

I am so disappointed, Gregory Fine of Apple Valley California, that you would do this to me.  I trusted you.  How could you rip my heart out like this? Where is your gay pride, Gregory Fine?

I tried calling you to see if we could rectify the situation but your number was no longer in service.  Now, you owe our company a lot of money.  I feel broken and used…hurt Gregory, very hurt indeed. 

I am asking you….as a friend and as a person you stiffed….well, Jason is getting nothing too stiff from you I imagine…to please pay the funds you owe our company via Cashier’s Check.  You have been sent the details by Ms. Tia.

Where is your Gay Pride, Gregory Fine of Apple Valley California?  Certainly not where it should be.   

Love, Ms. Eva Crawford

Update:  I have great news, the bank has decided to side with your Gracious Mistresses, and against that sack-sucking sleazeball Gregory Fine.  I hope that Mr. Fine has learned a valuable lesson about how to treat people, and that cheating a Mistress is NEVER a wise idea….teehee! 

E. Crawford


3 thoughts on “Gregory Fine of Apple Valley California: Gay Man with No Pride

  1. If any one of Our adoring fans would like to send this thief a letter and tell him how much you do not appreciate him stealing from Us, the gutless faggot can be reached by mail here:
    Gregory S. Fine
    13481 Paraiso Rd
    Apple Valley, CA 92308
    And for anyone who is tech savvy, his ip address is: and you can send the dickless loser an email at:

    I will be posting this information on all blogs and also sharing it with other phone sex companies so that this scumbag wankstain won’t be able to steal from anymore hard working Women!
    Ms. Tia

  2. I encourage all of our sissy sisters and sexy brothers who read this to support Our cause! This tiny-pricked fag has defrauded Our company, and your Mistresses!
    Please send your letters of disgust, and feel free to link this blog to any approriate websites you feel will help Us.

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