Aaron Stanford Enters a Womanless Beauty Pageant


“Aaron, we have decided to enter you into a very special contest.”

“Oh?  What kind of contest?”  Aaron asked John.  They had been friends for years, and he could see that the oddly mischievous look on his friend’s face. 

“Well, we’ve decided to enter you into a womanless beauty pageant.” 

“Why did you pick me?”  Aaron asked, his face flushing with embarrassment. 

“Well…um…we thought you would have the most fun with it.  The girls are waiting at the salon for you right now.” 

Aaron got up and followed John out the door.  When they entered the salon, he was shocked to see a group of his male friends and their girlfriends there.  “What are you all doing here?” 

“We’re here for moral support,” Amy piped up.  She was John’s girlfriend, and known to be very assertive.  Suddenly, she pulled a several pairs of stockings out of her pockets, and the guys held Aaron down as she tied his wrists and ankles to the chair.  “You’re going to get extensions today, as well as full makeup.” 

Another friend, Rick, pulled out a large pair of scissors and began cutting Aaron’s clothes off of him.  “What are you doing?”  Aaron asked, feeling helpless. 

“Don’t worry; we have a brand, new wardrobe waiting for you before you leave.  Look there!  You still have a penis!  Jamie, why don’t you tuck that useless thing away?”  Jamie walked up to Aaron and made his penis disappear. 

Rick grabbed at the air in front of Aaron’s crotch, and said, “See, you are a woman now.  Nothing there!” 

After a few hours, Aaron was no longer Aaron.  He had become Erin.  They had glued breasts and hips on his body, put on his makeup and styled his hair “Let’s get you all dressed up now.”  Amy retrieved Erin’s new outfit, and assisted him with dressing up.  She helped him put on his pantyhose, showed him how to hook a brassiere, and zipped his dress.    When she was done, she was asked how it felt to have a woman’s body. 

“It feels strange having these breasts.  They keep getting in the way.  Also, it’s awkward to walk in these high heels.”  Erin looked in the mirror, and saw a beautiful woman staring back at him. 

“Time to go to the pageant,” Erin sighed, and they got into their cars.  A few minutes later, they got out and dragged Erin into a strange building.  Erin felt so humiliated; having no control over what was happening to him.  

“I’m so glad it’s you and not me,” John whispered into Erin’s ear. 

“Are we here?”  Erin asked as they walked into a room filled with people. 

“Surprise Erin!  No womanless beauty pageant!  It’s a party.  Now, you had better act as feminine as you can, or else you’ll get found out.” 

It was a large party; an expansive hall filled with a gathering of men and women wearing glamorous dresses and suits.  A young woman stopped Erin and complimented her on her dress.  Erin’s face turned red with shame. 

“Thank you,” she replied.  Her cover was working; everyone thought she was a woman.  Next, a man approached her and asked her for her phone number.  “Umm…ummm…I don’t have a phone,” Erin stuttered, unable to think of a good answer.  She had never been hit on by a man before.

The guy slapped Erin’s behind and laughingly called her a liar.  Did he know?  Did he suspect she wasn’t really a woman?  Poor Erin.  She is sooooo screwed! 




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