Kathy Stanford Finally Says “Brassiere”


Well, well, well…Kathy Stanford has finally said “Brassiere” after many years of waffling. It is time for her to transition into becoming a woman full-time.

With the help of another wonderful Mistress, we were able to get her to say the magic word, which was as much as a surprise to me, as it was to her. I am looking very forward to turning Kathy into a real woman, with real breasts to be covered by a real brassiere.

She must keep all of her appointments that I make for her, otherwise there WILL be consequences. I will out her on my blog if she doesn’t listen to me.

Our first order of the day is to call a doctor and have her put on hormone therapy. We have chosen a specific doctor already, and I will make sure that Kathy keeps her appointments with him. Once she is on hormones, I will have her purge her wardrobe of all of her men’s clothing and fill it with nothing but pantyhose, brassieres, skirts, dresses and heels. She will become a woman in training. She will wear makeup and have hair extensions put in. She will have her brows plucked, legs shaved and nails done. She is going to be one beautiful woman when I’m finally finished with her.

No more standing to pee for our Miss Stanford! She will have to sit like a lady from now on. Bwahahaha! EDIT: Kathy has NOT yet set up a conference call with the Doctor. I will remind her that her identity is at risk if she doesn’t do this soon…

Perhaps it’s time I reveal Kathy’s middle name?  Stay tuned. 


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