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Cum Check out Our Sexy, New Chatroom!



Erotic Whisperz has revamped our chatroom, and it’s ready to go!  Check out our events, girls’ bios and much, much more. 


We are currently making some positive changes to our sites, to maximize your pleasure when you visit us. 

Some positive changes include: 

  • Concierge and dispatching service
  • Brand new Chatroom with posted events
  • More girls to talk to
  • Updated sites and bios

Calls are only $1.79 per minute and will show up discreetly on your bill as webtokens.com. 

Erotic texting is always just .99c per minute!  http://www.erotictexting.com/index1.html

No taboos phone sex that is the best on the web! 


New Website: The Sissy Queen


If you are a panty-wearing, lip-gloss loving sissy, you’ll love my brand new website just for you!  http://www.thesissyqueen.com/

Texting, calls and stories exclusively for my sissy girls from the Sissy Queen herself, Miss Eva Crawford. 

Wear your favorite panties; put on your gloss and IM me at elegantwhisperz@yahoo.com.  Let’s dish about whatever turns you on from makeup to men.  Let’s have some fun! 

To dial my Sissy Queen line directly, the number is:  855-439-3494

Check out my sexy specials on:  http://www.phonesexspecialsblog.com

Or visit my erotic texting website at:  http://www.erotictexting.com/index1.html where you can txt with me and other sexy ladies from Erotic Whisperz. 

Chat with me in the Erotic Whisperz Chatroom:  http://www.eroticwhisperz.com/chat.html

Let’s paint our nails, get dressed up and have some fun. 

Miss Stanford Gets More Than She Bargains For!


Well, well, well…it looks like Miss Stanford had gotten a little tied up over the weekend!  

In this photo, Kathy appears to have gotten more than she bargained for.  Much like her new girdle, Kathy’s Mistress has her under great control!  Kathy is all dolled up wearing makeup, a wig, pantyhose,  pumps and a pretty dress.  She has breasts, a waist and hips.

As you can see, Miss Stanford truly is a woman.  She is one step closer to saying the magic word…Brassiere.  Soon, her testicles and penis will be only a memory.  She will have to sit down to pee.  She will wear pantyhose, brassieres, skirts and blouses to work every day.    

How much longer before she finally cracks?  I’ll keep you posted.