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New, Updated Information: Eva Answers Your Burning Questions Part Deux


As you know, I’m always interested in what turns you on.  My services include naughty telephone conversation and hott, erotic texting.  If you are a first-time caller, you qualify for five free minutes of my time, with a minimum of ten minutes. 

My new phone number is:  855-439-3494

Current Fees:                                                                                                                                             

Hott, erotic texting with me…………………………………$0.99c / minute (min. of 15 mins)

2girl Sexy texting with me and another lady of Erotic Whisperz…$1.98 / minute

Erotic, steamy phone conversation with me…………………$1.79 / minute (min. of 10 mins)

2girl sexy girl on girl action phone conversation………$3.00 / minute(min. of 10 mins)

I will take care of all your billing info over the phone.  All of your information is kept private and confidential, and safe.  When you receive your credit card statement, our charges will appear as “Webtokens.”

All you have to do is give me your name, address, phone number, email address and CC information, and then I call you back in a few minutes.  While you’re waiting for me to call you back, you have some time to get that cock nice and hard for me, or get any special toys ready for our call.  A few minutes later, I will  phone you back and it’s time to play!  

After our call is over, I will email your receipt to you. 

I specialize in naughty nurse, hot milf, cuckholding, mommy fetish, forced feminization roleplay, humiliation, guided masturbation, tease & denial, femme domme and much more.  If you have any questions, you may IM me or email me through Yahoo at:  elegantwhisperz@yahoo.com  and I will be happy to assist you with your inquiries.

If you are interested in browsing my profile, you may visit my website at:  http://secretphonesexfantasies.com/eva/index.html where you will find photos of me, as well as links to my blog and other websites. 

Are you in the mood for erotic texting?  You’re just a click away for .99c per minute with me, your fantasy girl.  Just visit my site at:  http://www.erotictexting.com/index1.html

Cum hang out with me and my sexy friends in our new, improved Erotic Whisperz Chatroom:  http://www.eroticwhisperz.com/chat.html

Don’t forget to visit my blog, Ms. Eva’s Erotic Adventures.  Our sexy phone call may end up becoming the inspiration for the next entry!   Of course, your privacy is always respected.  http://www.eroticeva.wordpress.com

Sissies, Girlie boys and those interested in forced feminization:  Free Hosted Sissy Tea Party every Thursday night in the Erotic Whisperz Chatroom, 8pm Pacific, 11pm Eastern for one hour.  Wear something pretty and be prepared to join in the fun as we dare to discuss all things sissy!  Also, please check out my brand, new site just for you:  http://www.thesissyqueen.com/

Here is a list of some of the specials I am currently offering:   

First time callers get five minutes free with a ten minute minimum call or text session. 

Vote for Ms. Eva, and get five minutes free with a ten minute minimum call or text session.  Just make sure to save the vote code and let me know.

Your desire is my dream, and I would like to share it with you!


Eva Crawford


Cum Check out Our Sexy, New Chatroom!



Erotic Whisperz has revamped our chatroom, and it’s ready to go!  Check out our events, girls’ bios and much, much more. 


We are currently making some positive changes to our sites, to maximize your pleasure when you visit us. 

Some positive changes include: 

  • Concierge and dispatching service
  • Brand new Chatroom with posted events
  • More girls to talk to
  • Updated sites and bios

Calls are only $1.79 per minute and will show up discreetly on your bill as webtokens.com. 

Erotic texting is always just .99c per minute!  http://www.erotictexting.com/index1.html

No taboos phone sex that is the best on the web! 

Attention Sexy Texters: Yahoo Pingboxes will soon be leaving our sites

Dissapointed Smile Smiley Clip Art

Hey everyone,

I’m just writing a quick note to all my clients, to let you know that Yahoo will no longer be supporting their pingboxes as of Dec. 14th 2012. 

As we are dedicated to continuing offering you the very best in erotic texting, our Yahoo Instant Messenger will still be operational – you will still see our addresses on our sites – however, we will be replacing our Yahoo pingboxes with an alternative.   

While Yahoo Instant Messenger is still available to you, you will no longer be able to see our availability via Yahoo pingbox. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may create, and we are currently working on a solution to the issue.

On a sidenote, if you have received a suspicious email from me, containing a link, please delete it.  It seems that my Yahoo email account had become compromised.  The email wasn’t actually sent from me.  If I do send you an email, I will always write something in the subject line. 

I have taken measures to stop this from happening again, but if you do receive more strange emails, please let me know.

E. Crawford

Gregory Fine of Apple Valley California: Gay Man with No Pride


Dear Gregory Fine,

My heart is broken.  I bought the shoes, I even picked out the dress I was going to wear to yours and Jason’s wedding.   You said you had a lovely gown, and were going to be the epitome of a Blushing Bride. From what you told me, it was going to be a grand affair.  You wanted me to call you Brianna.  Such a pretty name for such a naughty person. 

Jason was the perfect dream man, sexy, loving and knew how to make love to you…the way your wife never could.  Oh how you dazzled me with stories about his magnificent cock, and how he made you feel so feminine and girlie.  Your penis is so small; it fit so nicely in your sexy panties.  What was it, three…four inches Gregory?  You preferred to have me call it a clitti.  Your bum was really a tight, virgin pussy, waiting and ready for Jason’s hard, throbbing cock.  None of that matters anymore.   

You promised to fly me down to Apple Valley and set me up in a nice hotel, because I was so caring and supportive in your journey to finding that special man in your life.  My heart is broken.  Paradise Road will never be the same without you, Gregory. 

You charged back every single call that we had together, which cost me and my company heavy penalties with the bank.  I had to forfeit the earnings from our calls, which put me in financial dire straits.  Fraud is never a good thing to perpetrate on anyone, Mr. Not So Fine.  We have all the evidence we need to prove that you were the one who called me.  All of this is being reviewed by real men in suits…men who don’t behave like naughty little cocksucking bitches. 

I am so disappointed, Gregory Fine of Apple Valley California, that you would do this to me.  I trusted you.  How could you rip my heart out like this? Where is your gay pride, Gregory Fine?

I tried calling you to see if we could rectify the situation but your number was no longer in service.  Now, you owe our company a lot of money.  I feel broken and used…hurt Gregory, very hurt indeed. 

I am asking you….as a friend and as a person you stiffed….well, Jason is getting nothing too stiff from you I imagine…to please pay the funds you owe our company via Cashier’s Check.  You have been sent the details by Ms. Tia.

Where is your Gay Pride, Gregory Fine of Apple Valley California?  Certainly not where it should be.   

Love, Ms. Eva Crawford

Update:  I have great news, the bank has decided to side with your Gracious Mistresses, and against that sack-sucking sleazeball Gregory Fine.  I hope that Mr. Fine has learned a valuable lesson about how to treat people, and that cheating a Mistress is NEVER a wise idea….teehee! 

E. Crawford

Cock Stroking Instructions by Mistress Eva

Make yourself comfortable. Lie on the bed, or sit in a comfortable chair. Have your favorite lubrication handy. Have your cock free, open and easily reachable.

Take a deep breath….inhale deeply. If your cock is completely soft, take it in in your hand; give it a nice, firm squeeze….feel yourself becoming aroused.

Massage the head of your cock, also squeezing it gently, manipulating it until you feel your cock get hard and your balls begin to fill with cum.

As the shaft of your cock gets nice and firm, run your fingers down the shaft, lightly teasing it with the pads of your fingers. Feel the silky, soft skin beneath your fingers, every bump of the veins.

Run your fingers all the way down to your balls. Caress and tease your balls lightly with your fingers. Run the pads of your fingers along the center of your scrotum, feeling the ball sack grow tighter and tighter…

As your cock becomes nice and firm, you may now use your lubrication. Liberally lubricate your cock and then grip the base firmly with your hand.

Using deep, even strokes all the way from the base to the head, up and over the head…squeeze the head of your cock as you move your hand over the top and back down again.

As you feel yourself come closer to the edge, use slightly faster strokes, concentrating on the top third of your cock.

Now would be the time that precum would ooze from the head of your cock. Use your precum as additional lube.

Take the pad of your index finger and gently rub the base of the head of your cock. Feel yourself edge closer…..to the ultimate pleasure of orgasmic release.

These cock-stroking instructions can be offered over the phone by the Mistress herself, just call me at 855-439-3494. I would be so happy to get off with you…and make your cock explode so hard, you shoot your load farther and harder than you ever had before.

For erotic texting, please visit my site at: http://www.erotictexting.com/eva.html

Email or Yahoo IM me at: elegantwhisperz@yahoo.com

Read my erotic blogs at: https://eroticeva.wordpress.com/

Visit my main website at: http://www.secretphonesexfantasies.com/eva/

Or see if I’m hanging out in the sexy Erotic Whisperz Chatroom at:  http://www.eroticwhisperz.com/chat.html

Talk to you soon!


Ms. Eva Crawford

No Shit…Sherlock Bond is Back (and annoying the HELL out of the Mistress)

Sherlock Bond is Back….and more annoying than ever!

 Mistress Eva is a very busy lady, always working hard to keep her clients happy and safe.  Unfortunately, I would like to warn you all that there is an annoying little man in the chat room, pretending to be my client.  He is NOT.  Please do not talk to this person. He goes by many different aliases, but often shows up under the handle of “Sherlock Bond” or “Sher”.

I would advise my clients to please not discuss any personal or private matters with him, as he is not who he says he is.  He is some dude who keeps bothering me, but never pays for a session.  He supposedly used to work for the company, but now all he does is bother me and the other hard working girls.  We have asked him to back off, but much like an internet troll, he keeps coming back and irritating us some more. 

If you see Sher or Sherlock Bond or Happy 2012 in the chat room, my advice to you is to ignore him.  He has been told off by most of the other girls, but refuses to leave us or our clients alone.  As your Mistress, your privacy is a premium concern to me.  I would prefer that you don’t discuss anything too personal with this person.  I have never met him, and have NO idea who he is.   

If he bothers you while I’m out of chat, or pretends to be my client, please let me know via PM or email me and I will alert Mistress Tia immediately.   My email address is:  elegantwhisperz@yahoo.com

We do not advocate trolling or exposing the privacy of our clients, which is why I have written this blog post.  After multiple dealings with this disturbing individual, I can tell you that I do not trust him. 

Thank you,

Miss Eva Crawford 

My Teeny, Tiny UnHung Hero (Little Mikey) Meets the Big Italian Stallion

When Little Mikey asked me out for cocktails last week, I thought it was a pretty ballsy move for a little four-incher.  I decided to go, since there were no big surprises hiding in his pants…I already knew his teenie weenie was of microscopic proportions, and hardly a threat to me or anyone else…teehee!

Little did he know, I had something special in store for him and his pathetic weewee. 

We met for drinks at the little bar across the street from my sexy little condo, and needless to say I had a few too many.    Little Mikey got all giggly and silly, and I couldn’t help but notice that his hands kept going to the crotch of his jeans…it seemed that his weewee was waking up from a long nap. 

“Mikey, what are you doing?  We should go back to my place.  I think you’ve had a little too much to drink.”  I got up from my seat, we paid the tab and I led Mikey back to my place. 

When we got there, my sexy Italian bull stud was waiting for us in the bedroom.  I introduced Mikey to Donatello. 

“Donatello, please meet Little Mikey.  Little Mikey, this is Donatello.” 

“H..hi Donatello…”  Little Mikey said shyly.  I instantly noticed that Mikey’s hand was stroking the crotch of his pants again. 

“Hello there Little Mikey, Lovely Miss Eva and I can’t wait to play with you tonight!” Donatello said.  It was going to be a fun, fun evening. 

Little Mikey looked confused, but I smiled at him and explained what was going to happen. 

“Donatello is going to strip you out of your clothes, Mikey. I told him all about you, and he wants to see your legendary miniscule member for himself.”

“You did…Miss Eva!”  Mikey said, and suddenly his face turned red.  Donatello walked over to Mikey and unbuttoned his shirt…then, his fly came down.  When he finally reached his underwear, we both began to laugh. 

“I told you, Donatello!  Look at that sad excuse for a penis!” 

Mikey’s hands quickly covered his tiny little wiener but it was too late. 

“Mikey, please stand next to Donatello.  I am going to get the measuring tape.”  I grabbed the measuring tape from the bureau and measured Donatello’s big, hard Italian Sausage.  “Mmmm….nine and a half inches long, very nice baby!” 

Mikey looked at Donatello’s enormous cock and his face turned an even darker shade of red. 

“Now Mikey, let’s measure yours.”  I put the tape up against his tiny cock…”Hmmm….this tape says you only have four inches, haha!” 

Poor Mikey felt so embarrassed, but his little cock started to stand up!  He was getting excited from being measured! 

“Now you can see what a real man’s cock looks like, especially compared to your tiny tool.  Donatello and I are going to make love.  I want you to sit on that chair in the corner of the room and watch us.  You should see what it looks like when a woman receives pleasure from a real man’s cock.”

“Okay, Miss Eva.  Can I play with my weewee while you guys do it?” 

“Yes, you may…but you are not permitted to cum until after both Donatello and I have.” 

Donatello laid on the bed, and I straddled his beautiful, hard cock, sliding my tight, wet pussy down slowly onto it.  I began slowly bouncing up and down, rocking my hips back and forth…back and forth…

Donatello reached around my waist and pulled me hard against his body, and I bounced faster…until my tits were bouncing too…

I turned to Mikey, who was touching his sad, little cock and moaned, “AAahhhh……OOoohhhhh….this is what it looks like when a woman feels pleasure from making love to a real man!” 

I could feel myself getting closer to cumming… “I imagine this is something you’ve never witnessed before…a beautiful woman enjoying a nice, big dick inside her pussy?  Haha! How sad for you.” 

Donatello looked over at poor Mikey, who was desperately tugging at his peepee.  “Yes man, you should be ashamed of that sad little piece of meat you have there.” 

Suddenly, I came, washing Donatello with my hot, sticky cum.  He exploded almost instantly after, pumping me full with his white, hot lava.  I collapsed on top of Donatello’s smooth, perfect chest, sweaty and satisfied. 

I hear poor little Mikey in the corner…”Miss Eva….may I cum now please?”

“Yes, go ahead Mikey…you can cum now.”  I turned my head to watch the comical little peepee puppet show.  Mikey arched his back and suddenly his little hose spurted white cum all over his fingers.

“Haha, that was cute Mikey,” I said.  My Italian Stallion’s big sausage was still inside of me, and I could feel his hot cum oozing between my sweaty thighs.  MMm….that was hot.

When it was all over, Little Mikey was ordered to clean us both up with a warm towel. 

“Thank you Miss Eva for a lovely evening,” Mikey said as I walked him to the door. 

“Your welcum Mikey, it was most certainly our pleasure.” I blew him a kiss and off he went.