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Aaron Stanford Enters a Womanless Beauty Pageant


“Aaron, we have decided to enter you into a very special contest.”

“Oh?  What kind of contest?”  Aaron asked John.  They had been friends for years, and he could see that the oddly mischievous look on his friend’s face. 

“Well, we’ve decided to enter you into a womanless beauty pageant.” 

“Why did you pick me?”  Aaron asked, his face flushing with embarrassment. 

“Well…um…we thought you would have the most fun with it.  The girls are waiting at the salon for you right now.” 

Aaron got up and followed John out the door.  When they entered the salon, he was shocked to see a group of his male friends and their girlfriends there.  “What are you all doing here?” 

“We’re here for moral support,” Amy piped up.  She was John’s girlfriend, and known to be very assertive.  Suddenly, she pulled a several pairs of stockings out of her pockets, and the guys held Aaron down as she tied his wrists and ankles to the chair.  “You’re going to get extensions today, as well as full makeup.” 

Another friend, Rick, pulled out a large pair of scissors and began cutting Aaron’s clothes off of him.  “What are you doing?”  Aaron asked, feeling helpless. 

“Don’t worry; we have a brand, new wardrobe waiting for you before you leave.  Look there!  You still have a penis!  Jamie, why don’t you tuck that useless thing away?”  Jamie walked up to Aaron and made his penis disappear. 

Rick grabbed at the air in front of Aaron’s crotch, and said, “See, you are a woman now.  Nothing there!” 

After a few hours, Aaron was no longer Aaron.  He had become Erin.  They had glued breasts and hips on his body, put on his makeup and styled his hair “Let’s get you all dressed up now.”  Amy retrieved Erin’s new outfit, and assisted him with dressing up.  She helped him put on his pantyhose, showed him how to hook a brassiere, and zipped his dress.    When she was done, she was asked how it felt to have a woman’s body. 

“It feels strange having these breasts.  They keep getting in the way.  Also, it’s awkward to walk in these high heels.”  Erin looked in the mirror, and saw a beautiful woman staring back at him. 

“Time to go to the pageant,” Erin sighed, and they got into their cars.  A few minutes later, they got out and dragged Erin into a strange building.  Erin felt so humiliated; having no control over what was happening to him.  

“I’m so glad it’s you and not me,” John whispered into Erin’s ear. 

“Are we here?”  Erin asked as they walked into a room filled with people. 

“Surprise Erin!  No womanless beauty pageant!  It’s a party.  Now, you had better act as feminine as you can, or else you’ll get found out.” 

It was a large party; an expansive hall filled with a gathering of men and women wearing glamorous dresses and suits.  A young woman stopped Erin and complimented her on her dress.  Erin’s face turned red with shame. 

“Thank you,” she replied.  Her cover was working; everyone thought she was a woman.  Next, a man approached her and asked her for her phone number.  “Umm…ummm…I don’t have a phone,” Erin stuttered, unable to think of a good answer.  She had never been hit on by a man before.

The guy slapped Erin’s behind and laughingly called her a liar.  Did he know?  Did he suspect she wasn’t really a woman?  Poor Erin.  She is sooooo screwed! 




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The Douchebag is back! Old Dog back to his Old Tricks Again.

Jerome Haris is back and more annoying than ever!

This li’l fella sure has learned an interesting trick: To lick his own dick like a dog!

Cum take a look at this fine specimen here…

This proud li’l fella has taught himself a stupid human trick:  To suck his own pathetic cock!  Mr. J. Harris has sent his “proofs” to a number of us sexy web ladies, and then threatened and harrassed us to erase them…akin to an internet flasher. 

He has pulled this stupid stunt with a few of us, and all I have to say is, “Jerome, what did you think would happen?  Sending these naughty, personal photos to powerful, dominant women on the web and then calling us whores, sluts and weak?”   Well he certainly has fucked himself this time…

What’s more, is this little cocksucker has also approached my pre-op transsexual friend Tatum Jones, and told her that he was interested in boning trannies.  This guy obviously bats for both teams, since he’s had so much practise with sucking cock!  Tatum’s so pissed, she told the asshole that she deleted his photos, but she actually kept them.

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Kathy Stanford seeks a Real-Time Mistress

Miss Kathy StanfordMy girl Kathy Stanford is in need of a new Real-Time Mistress.  She must be strict, knowledgeable and able to keep a sissy in line.  Miss Stanford is a California girl. 

Kathy is a woman in training.  She needs someone who understands that, and isn’t afraid to dole out the humiliation whenever necessary. 

Kathy loves to go shopping, endure humiliation of the ‘womanly’ sort, and be put in situations where she may say the word ‘brassiere’ to me.  I will explain this to you if you are interested in pursuing her as a client. 

Please take note of the above photograph.  Kathy loves fashion, and her appearance is very important to her.  She loves all things girlie, and wants to be treated like a lady.  If you think you have what it takes to become Kathy Stanford’s next Mistress, please email me at:  elegantwhisperz@yahoo.com.  I will be very happy to chat with you, give you a few juicy bits of info on my darling sissy. 

Kathy will make some suggestions to you, and it’s important that you have an open mind where it comes to her needs.

Miss Stanford Gets More Than She Bargains For!


Well, well, well…it looks like Miss Stanford had gotten a little tied up over the weekend!  

In this photo, Kathy appears to have gotten more than she bargained for.  Much like her new girdle, Kathy’s Mistress has her under great control!  Kathy is all dolled up wearing makeup, a wig, pantyhose,  pumps and a pretty dress.  She has breasts, a waist and hips.

As you can see, Miss Stanford truly is a woman.  She is one step closer to saying the magic word…Brassiere.  Soon, her testicles and penis will be only a memory.  She will have to sit down to pee.  She will wear pantyhose, brassieres, skirts and blouses to work every day.    

How much longer before she finally cracks?  I’ll keep you posted. 

Attention Sexy Texters: Yahoo Pingboxes will soon be leaving our sites

Dissapointed Smile Smiley Clip Art

Hey everyone,

I’m just writing a quick note to all my clients, to let you know that Yahoo will no longer be supporting their pingboxes as of Dec. 14th 2012. 

As we are dedicated to continuing offering you the very best in erotic texting, our Yahoo Instant Messenger will still be operational – you will still see our addresses on our sites – however, we will be replacing our Yahoo pingboxes with an alternative.   

While Yahoo Instant Messenger is still available to you, you will no longer be able to see our availability via Yahoo pingbox. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may create, and we are currently working on a solution to the issue.

On a sidenote, if you have received a suspicious email from me, containing a link, please delete it.  It seems that my Yahoo email account had become compromised.  The email wasn’t actually sent from me.  If I do send you an email, I will always write something in the subject line. 

I have taken measures to stop this from happening again, but if you do receive more strange emails, please let me know.

E. Crawford

Dear Miss Stanford, it’s time for you to say Brassiere.

Dear Miss Stanford,

It is time for you to say the magical word.  Say ‘Brassiere’ Kathy…say it.  The sooner the word leaves your lips, the sooner I ‘out’ you and make your life complete. 

You aren’t happy as a man.  You don’t quite cut it.  Let me weaken you all over.  Let me bring you to the pinnacle of weakness by removing your testicles and penis.  Allow me to put you on hormone therapy, so that you can experience true womanhood.  Be a real woman, like me Kathy. 

You know you won’t be happy until you say ‘Brassiere’ and allow me full control over your mind, body and life.  I will help you with everything.  I will put you on a strict diet, help you with hormones and listen to you.  I will educate you on everything about being a woman.  You won’t be alone in this process, I assure you.

You will be able to go to work, wearing a pencil skirt, pantyhose, pumps and yes…a brassiere Kathy, a brassiere.  Every. Single. Day.  You will have to get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning, and sometimes cry about what to wear.  You will look down in the shower, and see breasts and curves.  You will do your makeup and hair, and stare at your beautiful, new face in the mirror.  You will ask yourself why you didn’t say ‘Brassiere’ sooner. 

The longer you put it off, Miss Stanford, the harder it will be to make this special transformation.  Let your fears melt away because you are not alone.  I will be here for you. 

So is it a deal?  I know you are close to cracking my dear.   The sooner you crack, the sooner you can have a crack.

Your Mistress,

Eva Crawford.